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My sessions are formed around my four pillars of healing. They are about slowing down enough to turn inward, back home to yourself, to listen deeply to your body, to your heart, and to your emotion. I believe that’s the most meaningful  form of self-care you can do.

Calm your anxiety with intuitive coaching….

My approach to intuitive coaching isn’t about getting a psychic reading or telling you what I see, hear or feel about you. I’m not here to heal you or tell you the steps you should take. I’m here to support you in knowing that all of the answers already exist within you. I’m here to hold the space for you to access your own innate guidance, intuition and healing so you can begin to heal your own life.

Learning to shift your energy and access your own intuition is the ultimate freedom and helps create rapid, deep lasting transformation.


By taking action today and working with me, you will:


CONNECT back to yourself, your intuition and healing abilities. All the transformation happens from you, and within you. Learning to shift your own energy and access your own intuition is what creates the most rapid, deep, lasting transformation in your life.

ALIGN with the universe & your innate healing you start to feel a sense of peace and harmony within yourself & the world around you. This can help you feel more calm & at ease in your daily life, and navigate challenges and struggles that come your way.

LISTEN and becoming quiet takes you to the empty space in between all the worry, overwhelm and fear. It is present when you take time to slow down, to breathe, to be still. It is here that you align with God/spirit, and your own intuition. From this space you can begin to live from your truth and meet your “stress” differently.

MOVE & take inspired actions that feel good to you! When it feels good, you are more likely to keep moving forward into the deeper dimensions of who you are, your truth and who you are meant to be.

The Calm Method is about working with what is already here, and learning to support yourself in staying present, grounded and patient with whatever you’re feeling right now.

Life doesn’t not have to be a constant struggle, you can be HAPPY, CALM & FREE! 


Connection + Intuitive Coaching + Intro Call

New Clients should start here. This 45-60 min intro session was created to hold space for you to go deeper within yourself and help understand the peace and answers you seek. It will help you experience the hope, peace and clarity that I felt when I was struggling.

Let’s have an open and honest conversation to explore your unique challenges with anxiety, stress and/or depression and where you currently are in your own healing. I’ll answer any questions you have about my approach and how it can support your personal journey.

Whether you’re struggling with stress, anxiety, or feeling lost in your life, this call is designed to help you gain clarity and determine if I’m the right fit for you. By the end of our call, you’ll walk away with a personalized plan that you can begin using right away. Come experience what it’s like working with me before jumping into a package. 

(50% off my regular sessions) 

Intentional Design Package

Angel Card Reading + Human Design = Road map to healing 

Your Angel Card Reading is a gentle, beautiful way for you to connect and receive guidance from God’s divine messengers; your angels. It’s like having a warm, inviting conversation with a trusted friend or loved one where you leave feeling uplifted and surrounded and filled with love.

Your human design will help you understand how you exert energy and make decisions. When I first read my human design, I felt like my life had just been explained to me by a complete stranger. It has really helped me understand so much. I hope it helps you in the same way.

This package includes your angel car reading, journal prompts, an outline of your human design and is bundled up in an ebook designed especially for you that you can print and come back to throughout your healing journey again and again. 

Unlimited Coaching Package

Intuitive Coaching + Text Support + Bonuses 

45-60 minute “Let’s Connect” Initial Session to create a deeper understanding & gain a direction for your monthly coaching. Plus….


Action steps & helpful tools on each call


UNLIMITED 30-Minute Intuitive Laser Coaching Sessions


Text support if you need help with action steps, tools or any blocks that come up (during business hours)  

Pay In Full (save $100)


Jessa is not a mental health therapist, doctor or medical professional and should NOT replace any professional help or medication.

She here to help guide and support you on your day to day journey along with any professional help. Always ask your doctor or therapist before adding anything new into your healing program that has been put in place by professionals in the medical field.

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