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You can heal your life

I understands the impact of emotional pain on your daily life. Because of my own experiences, I support women like you who struggle with emotional and physical pain relief. I am dedicated to providing a safe and inviting space where you can find deep rest, balance, and connection with your true self.

By taking action today and booking a session with me, you will:

1. Connect with Your Body: Our gentle, trauma-informed somatic techniques and coaching will help you understand and manage your emotions by becoming aware of the physical sensations in your body.

2. Calm Your Mind: Experience the power of mindfulness and learn how to quiet the noise in your busy life. Discover inner peace and tranquility like never before.

3. Release Emotional Burdens: Let go of what no longer serves you. Our somatic, mindfulness, and body-centered techniques will support you in releasing and releasing emotions that are holding you back.

Life doesn’t not have to be a constant struggle, you can be HAPPY, CALM & FREE! 

Connection + Intuitive Coaching + Intro Call

Let’s have an open and honest conversation to explore your needs, challenges, and goals. I’ll answer any questions you have about my approach and how it can support your personal growth and well-being. Whether you’re struggling with stress, anxiety, or feeling lost in your life, this call is designed to help you gain clarity and determine if Jessa Joy Coaching is the right fit for you. By the end of our call, you’ll walk away with a personalized self-care plan ready for immediate implementation. Come experience what it’s like working with me before jumping into a package. 

Intentional Design Package 

Human design + Angel Card Reading = Road Map To Healing

Your Angel Card Reading is a gentle, beautiful way for you to connect and receive guidance from God’s divine messengers; your angels. It’s like having a warm, inviting conversation with a trusted friend or loved one where you leave feeling uplifted and surrounded and filled with love.

Your human design will help you understand how you exert energy and make decisions. When I first read my human design, I felt like my life had just been explained to me by a complete stranger. It has really helped me understand so much. I hope it helps you in the same way.

This package includes your angel car reading, journal prompts, an outline of your human design and is bundled up in an ebook designed especially for you that you can print and come back to throughout your healing journey again and again. 

Unlimited Coaching Package

1:1 Intuitive Coaching + Text Support + Bonus Downloads

Join me on a month to month transformational journey of healing your life and finding yourself again. 

45-60 minute “Let’s Connect” Initial Session to create a deeper understanding & gain a direction for your monthly coaching.


Action steps & helpful tools on each call


UNLIMITED 30-Minute Intuitive Laser Coaching Sessions


Text support if you need help with action steps, tools or any blocks that come up (during business hours)


Jessa is not a mental health therapist, doctor or medical professional and should NOT replace any professional help or medication.

She here to help guide and support you on your day to day journey along with any professional help. Always ask your doctor or therapist before adding anything new into your healing program that has been put in place by professionals in the medical field.

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